Prog Planet Review

Tonny Larsen


Until now, for me, the greatest surprise of the year !! review. 2nd May 2016.


Isnt it wonderful when a band comes along with a new album that grabs you right away!?


I must say that such thing is really rare these days! There are only so many chords and inspiration sources are, within´the prog circuits, usually to speak rings in the water.


Still these fine musicians really surprised me and put a happy smile on this old seasoned progface !! This is one of my, until now, greatest surprises of the year!


This magnificent band manages to blend classic rock with great "old school" progmusic like none other, well maybe a few bands, but truly a great outing, you must hear!


As I understand, some of these guys started out as an instrumental band, now they have added brilliant singer/songwriter Peter Jones (What a voice) and his fine lyrics, are based on stories from his favourite, hence the album title, books! 


It is one of those releases, that makes you listen with attention and also with eager expectation as to what comes next! Thanks to Stephen Lambe for sending us this gem!


It goes without doubt in to my private collection, that is... when I am finished listening to this masterpiece and that is NOT an immediate option! My repeat button are beginning to glow!


So what do you get, when purchasing this album (and you must) you get a brilliant mix of extremely well played hard rock, progrock and superb production, incl. vocal harmonies, high flying lead guitars, solid backing by keys, bass and drums, fine twists and turns and then there are the superb vocal of Peter Jones!! 


Sometimes I will mention and/or rant about my fav tracks, this time I really must surrender, since every track here have grown on me, initially I had my faves..but through several spins, this outing have won me over, I have no other choice but to highly recommend this album and band, to any serious prog friend out there!


Now if you´ll excuse me..I am off to get a cold beer and then I will gently push the replay button!!